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PA Drug Bust of $275,000

PA Drug Bust of $275,000

Do you have any idea the volume of the drugs that get smuggled through your town or community? Do you think your town or neighborhood doesn't have a trade in illegal drugs or prescription drugs used recreationally? Do you think small or medium sized towns are safer? Well, the residents of Reading, PA, had to face up to the ugly facts of the drug trade in their town when an undercover sting operation by the Berks County Police busted a drug ring, with drugs valued at over $275,000. And this was a small-time operation, too-just two men. Imagine the scale of the bigger operations in Reading, PA, alone.

Police sources say that the investigation began when two men sold $1,000 worth of heroin to undercover cop. After the arrest, the police found more drugs at the man's apartment. In all, police found 450 grams of heroin, $600 cash, a handgun, a prepaid cellphone, 900 pills of narcotics (painkillers), and various drug scales and paraphernalia. Law enforcement sources said that there were at least 27,500 individual doses of drugs recovered at the apartment, worth over $275,000 in street value. The two men are being held in prison and charge with weapons charges, heroin possession and intent to distribute, and other offenses.

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