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Mayor of Atlantic City, NJ, Denies Links to Drug Dealers

Mayor of Atlantic City, NJ, Denies Links to Drug Dealers

Do you trust your mayor? Does the mayor of your town seem like a politician you can trust? These and other questions are being confronted right now by the citizens of Atlantic City, New Jersey. A former Atlantic County prosecutor has made allegations that the current mayor of Atlantic City knew about a public employee who was dealing drugs from a city building, and did nothing to stop it. The prosecutor also claims that he has photographic evidence that shows the mayor talking with two known drug dealers while at the scene of a murder.

The mayor defended himself by saying, "If this prosecutor had a legitimate belief that I was involved in some sort of improper activity, he had a duty to address it." He continued, "No doubt he would’ve loved to connect me to any kind of impropriety or criminal activity. Maybe stuff like this is the reason why he is the former prosecutor." Later, the attorney for the city employee who was accused of dealing drugs from a city building said that the mayor had no knowledge of the drug dealings.

Has your mayor had scandals during his administration? Do you think Atlantic City's mayor is guilty or innocent? Whether or not these allegations are true, the fact is that New Jersey does have a problem with drugs, including street drugs like heroin, meth, PCP, Molly, and cocaine, and misused prescription medications and painkillers. What people should remember is that the best treatment for drug addiction remains what it's always been: the right program of treatment, at a good NJ rehab center with caring and supportive staff. Call Retreat at Lancaster County today to learn how your life can be changed for the better by getting off drugs. We can arrange transportation from OH, PA, NJ, NY, and DE.

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