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Matthew Shepard's Murder-Drug Motivated?

Matthew Shepard's Murder-Drug Motivated?

You've heard of Matthew Shepard, right? He was killed in 1998, in an attack that many believe was motivated by homophobia. He was a 21-year-old student at the University of Wyoming at the time. Everyone knows that he was killed because he was gay. Or was he? A new book considers the evidence that shows that maybe Matthew Shepard was actually killed because of crystal meth. He had been tied to a fence post, with blood running down his face, freezing. He had been hit with a pistol so hard that his brain stem had been smashed. According to the story, Shepard had met his attackers by chance at a bar in Laramie, where they gave him a ride in their pickup truck before assaulting him.

However, a new book by an investigative journalist suggests that there may have been another motive in the tragic killing of Matthew Shepard. According to the evidence he found, Shepard was actually well-acquainted with his killers, having met them before. Shepard might have even been in a sexual relationship with one of them. But the important thing that the journalist found was that all three might have been involved in the crystal meth subculture in Laramie-as both users and dealers.

Though nothing changes the fact that Matthew Shepard's murder was a tragedy, whether it was motivated by homophobia, or by illegal drugs like crystal meth. But if he was murdered because of illegal drugs, than that only underscores how much these substances can impact someone's life-or end it. If you're using or dealing drugs, you should stop now before it's your name in the news. Call Retreat at Lancaster County today to learn more about how you can get clean, or arrange transportation from OH, PA, NJ, NY, or DE.

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