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Drugs Are Always Changing, Presenting Unknown Danger

Drugs Are Always Changing, Presenting Unknown Danger

Have you ever experimented with using drugs? Did you stick to ones that you've heard of? Have you heard of the recent rash of deaths caused by lesser-known or newer drugs like Molly? Well, the fact is that increased technological sophistication by drug manufacturers and a greater ease in distribution aided by the internet have allowed dealers to sell newer drugs whose effects can be completely unknown. In one recent case, police officers responding to a dance party where people were collapsing were told that they had taken "2C-P." Unfortunately, none of law enforcement officers had ever heard of 2C-P, so they had to resort to googling the substance.

This is just one example of the growing numbers of designer drugs. Sophisticated drug dealers cook up newer and newer versions of the drugs to feed the demand for novelty in recreational drugs. And the numbers of the drugs (called by such names as smiles, molly, 2C-P, and 25i) are exploding. But the real problem is that nobody knows what they are or what they do. Because they're often made with unknown ingredients, or cut with unknown substances, doctors aren't sure what they do-which makes them harder to treat, and much more deadly.

Have you ever tried taking these new designer drugs? Do you know someone who has? Have you ever thought about how dangerous they are? If you're using drugs, whether they're illegal ones like Molly or misused prescription medications like Vicodin, you should quit now before you further endanger your health. But the important thing to remember is you can get clean. Call Retreat at Lancaster County today to begin your treatment. We are conveniently located, and can arrange transportation from nearby big cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and other close-by areas like PA, NJ, DE, MD, and NY.

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