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Drugs and Child Endangerment in Pine Hill, NJ

Drugs and Child Endangerment in Pine Hill, NJ

Do you know what drugs can do to a family? Have you seen up-close how illegal drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine, Molly, PCP, and marijuana can ruin people's lives? Well, there's been a shocking new example of the effects of illegal drugs. News came recently that a mother and her boyfriend from Pine Hill, New Jersey, have been charged with drug possession and child endangerment. Police found all kinds of drug paraphenalia and a large amount of marijuana inside the Pine Hill, NJ home. The child (whose name and age were not revealed) was taken into protective custody in order for New Jersey to make sure it was out of danger.

The mother is being held with a bail of $37,000 in the Camden County Jail, and her boyfriend has a $12,000 bail. This is just another cautionary tale of what drugs can do to a family, and how they can impact innocent bystanders like the child involved in this case. Are you using illegal drugs? Are you dependent on prescription painkillers or medications? Odds are you're having an effect on someone. Thinbk about who you're effecting. This mother didn't go into this situation thinking that she would be neglecting her child-it just happened when she became addicted to drugs. If you're doing drugs too, you could be harming more than just yourself, including


•Your extended family

•Spouse or significant other

•Your parents

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