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Drug Dealer Killed with Sledgehammer

Drug Dealer Killed with Sledgehammer

Are you struggling with drug abuse? Is someone you love using drugs and having trouble quitting? Are you dealing drugs or know someone who is? In a recent example of how dealing drugs can catch up with someone, a drug dealer in Jacksonville, FL was killed by a sledge hammer attack from a woman and her accomplice during a robbery attempt. And though drugs didn't directly cause this attack, the fact is that drug addicts are often desperate people who will resort to any methods to get their next fix, including murder sometimes. But the most chilling detail of this case is the the attacker's daughter was in the room with her as she helped murder the drug dealer.

Jurors ruled that this Florida woman was equally as guilty as her accomplice in the death of the 32-year-old drug dealer in Jacksonville, FL. Because of the way Florida law is written, the judge who saw the case had no choice except sentence both the woman and her accomplice to life in prison with no possibility of parole, sources said. This is just a gruesome example of how drugs can ruin lives-not just the lives of the dealers and addicts themselves, but also the addicts' children.

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