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Dems Try to Combine Immigration and Drug Enforcement

Dems Try to Combine Immigration and Drug Enforcement

Republicans want to build a border fence with Mexico in order to keep out unwanted immigrants-but what else could that fence be used for? Couldn't it also be used to keep drugs out of the United States? That's what Democrats are trying to focus on in a new bill that would refocus the border fence to concentrate on the threat of imported drugs. Most illegal drugs like meth, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, PCP, and Molly enter the United States from foreign sources, after all, and lots of them come from Mexico. And there has been lots of troubling news about how powerful the drug cartels are in Mexico, with violence and corruption abounding.

The bill is expected not to make it past Republican lawmakers. But it's an interesting idea in the ongoing effort to curb the trade in illegal drugs. Do you know exactly what effect drug usage has on society? Drugs have been linked to

•Funding gangs, terrorist organizations, and cartels


•Violence and gang warfare

•Corruption of authority figures

•Health problems for users

•Prison overcrowding

Still think drugs are a "victimless crime"? The use of drugs doesn't just impact one person. It can have severe consequences for all of society.

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