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Cat Smuggles Drugs in Prison

Cat Smuggles Drugs in Prison

Do you know anyone in prison? Are they there because of drugs? Are you scared of prison time for your own drug problems? Do you wish you had a way to be free of addiction? Well, though prison is supposed to keep drug users and dealers away from drugs, inmates invent all kinds of ingenious ways to smuggle drugs into prison. In the latest example of how prisoners can get drugs into prison, a Moldovan jail had to deal with a cat that had been trained to carry drugs in and out of the jail.

Though most wardens don't have to deal with cats, the fact is that inmates often can get drugs into prison and then deal them with other inmates. And though this particular story seems ridiculous, this is actually a very real danger for the prisoners. Prisoners who get their hands on drugs are just keeping up their habits, which is often what put them in jail in the first place. And it has very real implications for their health-prisoners can die from overdoses, or get sick from the substances that drug dealers cut their drugs with. So though this story seems silly, it's a very good thing that prison guards caught this kitty.

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