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Camden, NJ Teen Caught with Hundreds of Bags of Drugs

Camden, NJ Teen Caught with Hundreds of Bags of Drugs

Camden, NJ, is known as one of the most dangerous and crime-ridden cities in the United States. And that's demonstrated in the news stories coming out of Camden. In the latest story, a 17-year-old male was arrested recently with 257 bags of drugs on him, along with almost $3,000 in cash. He was stopped by police after they spotted him appearing to make a drug deal. He was caught and arrested, and police found 201 bags of cocaine (heat-sealed), and 56 bags of heroin on his person.

"This arrest is another example of how proactive policing allows us to address community concerns such as open-air drug dealing," said Camden Police Chief J. Scott Thomson. Every day, young people like this 17-year-old fall victim to the glamorized and high-paying world of drug dealing. And make no mistake, dealing drugs destroys people's lives. Who knows how this young man will end up? Do you think most people would hire him for a legitimate job? Destroying the lives of drug dealers is just one of the ways that drugs can harm people and communities. Many people don't consider the full consequences of illegal or abused drugs, like

•Health problems

•Corruption of police and politicians

•Drug money supporting terrorist organizations

•Prison terms for dealers and drug mules

•Gang warfare, violence, and crime

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