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Best Friend Stabbed Over Drugs

Best Friend Stabbed Over Drugs

Do you have friends who use drugs? Do you think your friendship is more important than the drugs in your friends' lives? Well, this one man from Chicago thought his best friend was on his side-until he was stabbed by him in a dispute over a marijuana plant. Police report that the 24-year-old man was attacked by his best friend when the two began fighting over a 5-foot-tall pot plant. He was stabbed by his friend as the two were drinking in a third friend's apartment. He was able to walk home, but collapsed in front of relatives. The attacker was found hiding in a closet, holding onto the marijuana plant.

Even though pot has the reputation of being a mellow drug, one that calms you down, this news story shows just how far some people are willing to go for illegal drugs. It might not be physiologically addictive like meth, heroin, cocaine, PCP, Molly, or prescription pills (like oxycodone or Vicodin), but marijuana is still an illegal drug that can change people's behavior-sometimes for the worse. If you or someone you know is using drugs, here's what you can do to stop:

  • Quit taking the drugs
  • Get rid of your stash
  • Seek help at a reputable treatment center
  • Enter a rehab center to guard against relapse

Call Retreat at Lancaster County today to learn more about drugs, drug addiction, and how you or your loved ones can kick the habit. Our beautiful facility is conveniently located close to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, or we can arrange transportation from anywhere in the Northeast or the Mid-Atlantic, including OH, PA, NJ, NY, or DE. You can get clean, and you can turn your life around. The right program of treatment can help make that possible.


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