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3 New Street Drugs, and What They Mean

3 New Street Drugs, and What They Mean

Are you worried about the newer drugs that are showing up on the market? Do the recent deaths from Molly make you nervous? Well, it's not just Molly that's taking drug investigators and drug users by surprise. At least three news drugs are hitting the streets and causing havoc. Here's what you need to know about them.


Not much is known about 2C-P, except that it's a synthetic hallucinogen. Users say it's very potent, and very long-lasting. The intense effects begin a few hours after taking it, but can then last up to 10-20 hours, according to law enforcement sources. And it's already begun to take a toll among young people: at a concert in September, four teenagers were hospitalized after they all collapsed simultaneously. 2C-P is suspected to have caused it. One teenage male had to be defibrillated after he had stopped breathing,

•Butane Hash Oil

This is one that's closely related to marijuana. In fact, it's a concentrated form of the active ingredient in marijuana, THC. Butane Hash Oil is also known by various nicknames, including amber, honey, wax, ear wax, or BHO. The high is not the same as pot-users often lose consciousness completely.


This is an opiate painkiller whose true name is Buprenorphine. It's often used to wean users off of more powerful drugs like heroin and hydrocodone. In this sense, it is effective in treating addiction. But the use of this drug for recreational purposes is increasing at an alarming rate, becoming responsible for many emergency room visits.

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