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Resigned FAU Coach Carl Pelini Denies Drug Use

Resigned FAU Coach Carl Pelini Denies Drug Use

Have you ever wondered about the rates of illegal drug use and abuse among professional athletes? Do you ever think about how these figures-many of them role models for teens and young adults-might influence how others use drugs? Have you ever found yourself doing drugs because it seemed "cool"? Well, illegal drugs like meth, cocaine, marijuana, PCP, Molly, and heroin can ruin careers, and ruin lives. In one recent example of how even a hint of drug abuse can wreck someone's life, an FAU coach was forced to resign after accusations that he was doing illegal drugs.

The coach, Carl Pelini, denies all the allegations. He says that he did not use illegal drugs, and he's trying to get himself reinstated as the coach of the FAU Owls. According to his version of events, he told the athletic director that he wasn't a drug user, which the AD said was "irrelevant." A few people, including friends of Pelini, have signed affidavits stating that they saw him smoking marijuana on a recent athletic trip. But Pelini says they're wrong, and he offered to take a drug test. Whatever really happened, it just goes to show that drugs are harmful, and even a hint of their usage can taint a previously good career.

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