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Keep Safe-Drop Off Unwanted Drugs in NJ

Keep Safe-Drop Off Unwanted Drugs in NJ

Are you on medication or using pills in some form? Do you have leftover or unwanted pills or medication that you're not taking anymore? Are you aware that this medication can be very dangerous for your community and loved ones? Monmouth County, New Jersey is confronting the problem of leftover medications head-on by providing drug take-back days where any old or unwanted pills or medication will be properly disposed of. Of course, you shouldn't flush medications down the toilet, that can lead to contaminated groundwater and chemicals leeching into the soil.

"Our goal is to give New Jersey consumers a safe and secure way to get rid of unused medications and[...] help keep them out of the hands of anyone who is not taking them under a doctor's care," said the New Jersey Attorney General, Jeffrey S. Chiesa. And even though there are huge problems with illegal drugs like meth, bath salts, marijuana, cocaine, and PCP, prescription drug misuse is one of the greatest dangers facing this country. They're dangerous because many people actually believe that using prescription medication is less dangerous than street drugs-they think that because doctors and pharmaceutical companies make them, they're safe. However, this confidence can lead to deathly danger: without a doctor to direct them, users can mix drugs, overdose, or otherwise put themselves in great danger. Remember, the best remedy is the same as always: a good drug treatment program.

Do you have dangerous pills or medications in your house? How many people have access to those medications? Do children have access? Are struggling with addiction? Call Retreat at Lancaster County to learn how to get clean. We're located close to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, or OH, PA, DE, MD, NJ, and NY.

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