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Judge Calls for Drug-Testing of All Judges

Judge Calls for Drug-Testing of All Judges

Do you ever use drugs? Do you ever think about how drugs can corrupt people-even authority figures? Have you ever seen firsthand the way that drugs can change people, even people you respect and trust? Drugs can be very hard to resist. Even after trying them one time, some people can get hooked. And then it's hard to break the addiction. Nobody ever sets out to be a drug addict. But some people end up addicted anyway. And in a recent article on, a judge called for mandatory drug testing-for judges.

This judge's support for drug testing comes after a scandal involving the local judicial system in St. Clair County, Illinois. He writes, "I formally pledge that I will not vote to appoint or to retain any associate circuit judge who does not submit to and pass a drug test. If my colleagues would join me, we would advance significantly an important protection against judges serving while impaired by illegal drugs." And maybe people could trust their legal system better. After all, it's highly unethical for a judge to sentence someone for a crime he- or herself is committing too.

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