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Drug Website Leader Caught

Drug Website Leader Caught

Do you use illegal drugs? Do you buy illicit prescription medication, such as painkillers like Percocet, OxyContin, or Vicodin? How do you buy your drugs? Did you ever buy any drugs from the drug-dealing website Silk Road? Have you heard the dramatic story of its closure? The FBI alleges that they found the one who was behind the whole thing, the drug kingpin that ran a worldwide drug marketplace that got drugs into every corner of the earth. Silk Road operated for two years, during which time the FBI alleges that the man behind it all, allegedly a 29-year-old man from Austin, Texas, also ordered two people to be killed during that time in order to protect his drug empire.

The story of the capture of the suspect was dramatic. A team of plainclothes FBI agents quietly entered Glen Park Library in San Francisco, where they made their way upstairs to the Sci-Fi reading area where a young man was quietly typing on his laptop. The agents grabbed him, pressing him up against a window, and took him into custody. Soon afterwards, the FBI shut down the Silk Road website, which had been a free-for-all marketplace for illegal drugs such as meth, heroin, marijuana, PCP, Molly, and cocaine.

Do you have a problem with using drugs? Are you tempted to begin buying your drugs online? You might be able to; Silk Road wasn't the end of the online drug trade. Already new websites are popping up to take its place. But the good news is that there is hope for drug addiction. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to learn more about how our PA rehab center can help you, whether you're in OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, or DE.

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