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Dangerous New Flesh-Eating Zombie Drug Now in US

Dangerous New Flesh-Eating Zombie Drug Now in US

Russian Drug "Krokodil" Kills Users from Inside Out

15 November, 2013

Ephrata, PA-There's a new threat in the world of illegal drugs. It's called "Krokodil," and it's a Russian drug that leads its users to a gruesome end. By using the drug, the users are literally eating their own flesh away, as scaly, dark skin appears on their limbs and necrosis begins to set in. TIME magazine called it the "worst drug in the world." Drug authorities, including police departments and the DEA, have known about this horrible threat to drug addicts for months, but it was always a foreign threat. Now the horrifying "zombie drug" has made its way to the United States-with disastrous consequences.

Krokodil is often taken as a substitute for heroin because it's much cheaper. But the lower cost leads to deadly consequences. "If you want a way to die, this is a way to die," said Dr. Abhin Singla, an addiction specialist at Joliet’s Presence St. Joseph Medical Center. It isn't long before the drug begins eating away at people's flesh. Even one use can cause irreversible damage to veins and soft tissue. "It’s a zombie drug-it literally kills you from the inside out," said Singla.

And now it's here. At least three people in the United States have been treated for the damage that Krokodil causes. The three were in the Chicago-area suburb of Joliet, Illinois, and presumably got their doses from the same dealer. In one of the cases in Joliet, the drug user might never walk again. So it's no surprise that drug authorities are bracing themselves for what could be a drug epidemic that causes massive damage among addicts.

Drugs have a huge impact on global health, well-being, and the global economy. As study after study shows, by far the best way to stop using drugs is to get the right program of treatment. No one is too far gone to turn their life around and get clean.

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