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Cute Sounding Synthetic Drugs Still Kill

Cute Sounding Synthetic Drugs Still Kill

Have you ever tried synthetic drugs? How about designer drugs? Are you keeping up with the latest in illegal or illicit drugs, the latest crazes and the newest substances? Have you ever thought about how dangerous newer drugs can be? Are you ever concerned that young people in this country are being put in terrible danger by the latest club drugs and street substances? It is true that youths are the ones that are using these latest substances, and paying the price. And part of that are the innocuous-sounding names that many of the drugs carry. Who would feel threatened by "Molly"? Who would think "bath salts" could be deadly?

Lots of very dangerous drugs have innocent or cute sounding names. These names help drug dealers move their product, and they sound better then meth, cocaine, heroin, PCP, crack, or other street drugs. But it is true that these drugs are killing people. For example, the drug synthetic marijuana can go by the names 'K2,' 'Scooby Snax,' or 'Mr. Smiley,' and it's dangerous under all those names. One reason is that people often don't really know what's in the drugs. Because the formulas are always changing to get around drug laws, they often end up with unknown ingredients

Have you ever tried the latest club drugs? Have you experimented with Spice, Molly, K2, or bath salts? Lots of people are harmed by these drugs-in 2011, calls to poison control centers caused by synthetic drugs more than tripled from the year before. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to learn more about the outpatient drug rehab center Lancaster PA uses to keep safe and clean. While our drug rehab is based in Pennsylvania, we offer transportation from OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, and CT.

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