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Alcohol Abuse Encouraged Among Women?

Alcohol Abuse Encouraged Among Women?

Do you ever have trouble controlling your drinking? Do you ever find yourself drinking more than you wanted to, at a time that you didn't expect, or later than you planned? Have you seen ads for alcohol on subways, bus stops, and billboards? Alcoholism is a very serious problem among all kinds of Americans. But new trends in marketing might be aimed more towards women than men. That's why some observers are speculating that alcoholism is becoming actively encouraged among women. After all, women make the buying decisions for lots of things-much more so than men. So it benefits alcohol producers to target women. But at what cost?

And data does show that more women are becoming alcoholics than before. Though the statistics aren't as troubling as they are for men, the numbers of women considered heavy drinkers did increase. Since the year 2000, the rate of women who are heavy drinkers (IE could be alcoholics) rose from 2.1 percent to 2.6 percent. That's not an enormous increase, but it's still significant. And it could keep rising if the liquor ads are as effective as the alcohol companies hope.

Do you ever struggle with drinking? Do you wish you could stop? Does it get in the way of your life? Is it impacting your relationships, career, or other activities? These are all warning signs that you might have alcoholism. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to learn more about addiction, recovery, and how our PA rehab center can help you get clean. For patients from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, we provide the serene choice for recovery in beautiful rural PA. We're within easy driving distance of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and we can arrange transportation from PA, OH, CT, NJ, NY, MD, and DE.

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