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Alcoholism Risk Higher Among Lawyers

Based on information received from the Lawyer Assistance Program, attorneys and judges are believed to suffer from a higher likelihood of substance abuse and alcohol abuse in particular. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about seven percent of Americans are alcoholics while the American Bar Association estimates that 13 percent of lawyers drink six or more alcoholic beverages per day, which is commonly referred to as binge drinking.

Attorneys and judges endure a significant level of work-related stress which most likely contributes to the staggering statistics regarding alcoholism. Late nights at the office, pressing deadlines and difficult clients can all contribute to a high stress level. In addition, the law profession is a highly social one and individuals spend a significant amount of time networking and relaxing with colleagues during happy hour and professional events, which could also contribute to the disproportionate statistics.

Admitting to alcoholism and seeking help is difficult even without these external factors. Because the profession is geared towards solving others’ problems, there may be a certain level of vulnerability associated with seeking help for alcohol abuse that attorneys and judges have a tough time handling. There could also be a fear of stigmatization and alienation in the event that the details of one’s alcoholism reach the public ear.

Because of the prevalence of alcohol-related issues among attorneys and judges, Lawyer Assistance Programs have been developed throughout the country. These programs offer confidential counseling and mentoring, as well as workshops teaching individuals how to handle alcoholism and confront others who may have a problem. Lawyers and judges are obligated to report a colleague suspected of substance abuse, and risk being debarred if they do not comply.

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