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AIDS Drugs Cure Infant of HIV With Early Use

Researchers made huge news on Sunday at the 2013 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Atlanta when they announced that a toddler was cured of HIV for the first time. The researchers noted that the little girl from Mississippi, now two years old, is “functionally cured,” meaning that the prevalence of the AIDS virus in her system is so minute that it does not pose a long-term threat to her health. Her mother did not receive prenatal care and was only discovered to be HIV-positive right before giving birth.

The doctors involved in this breakthrough pumped the newborn with high doses of antiviral cocktails within the first 30 hours of life, and believe that this was the game changer that put her on the path to a full recovery. Hannah Gay, a pediatric HIV specialist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, noted that the timing of the intervention, which occurred prior to an HIV diagnosis, may deserve “more emphasis than the particular drugs or number of drugs used.” If doctors are able to replicate the results of this instance in other newborns, there could be new hope in the worldwide fight against the AIDS virus.

The HIV/AIDS virus has been almost synonymous with drug use since the disease first blew up. Because the disease is transmitted through an exchange in bodily fluids, the use of injection needles puts any drug user at extreme risk. Approximately 30 percent of infection cases outside sub-Saharan Africa are a result of the use of infected needles, and HIV-infected mothers pose a dangerous risk of passing the infection on to unborn children. Cocaine and heroin are among the most commonly injected drugs, along with amphetamines.

If you are a drug user and have injected substances through needles it’s extremely important to get tested for the HIV/AIDS virus in addition to professional treatment for drug abuse. Contact Retreat at Lancaster County today.

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