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Risk of Drug or Alcohol Relapse Higher After Rehab

It takes a lot of courage to quit drinking or doing drugs. Believe it or not, it can take as much courage or more to stay sober once you have finished your period of recovery. Addiction is a chronic disease, which means you will struggle with it for life. Unfortunately, 40 to 60 percent of recovering alcoholics or drug addicts will experience a relapse and two thirds of those occur within the first six months after completing a rehab program. Any worthwhile rehabilitation program will not only help you get sober, but also teach you how to take steps in the long term to avoid relapse.

Relapse is a process, not a sudden event and often occurs when you allow yourself to slip back into old habits or situations. You may become overly confident in your ability to handle temptations and pressure situations, so you stop trying to minimize your exposure to the people and places that trigger your cravings. You may not manage stress and anxiety the way you were taught, allowing it to build to a breaking point that causes you to relapse – especially when you fail to take the necessary steps to offset negative emotions associated with stress and anxiety.

When you enter a rehab program, your tolerance level to the substance of choice has been built up over time in your system. One mistake that many individuals make during a relapse is consuming the same amount of substance as their last high or binge which can lead to a life ending situation. In the case of Glee star Cory Monteith, who recently died due to a combination of heroin and alcohol, his system was unable to handle the amount of drugs that he was accustomed to prior to entering treatment several months earlier. In his case, this meant the end of his life.

If you need help gaining control over your drug or alcohol addiction, contact the Retreat staff today. We are located centrally in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and can arrange transportation for clients from the PA, NJ, DE, MD, WV, NY and OH areas.

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