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Drug bust near Rutgers Camden finds $50,000 in prescription drugs

Earlier this month, the raid of a Camden, New Jersey apartment resulted in the recovery of more than $50,000 worth of illegal prescription pills and other drugs. The drug bust occurred near the Rutgers University Camden campus after an investigation by the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force that lasted an entire month. The investigation was prompted by complaints from neighborhood residents about suspected illegal and drug related activity in the apartment. Once a search warrant was executed, Camden City law officials entered the apartment and found prescription meds such as Xanax and Oxycodone, as well as heroin and marijuana. Also found in the home was evidence that the man accused of distributing these drugs is connected to the Latin Kings street gang.

North Camden has a long history of drug problems in the form of cocaine and heroin trades, but the presence of an illegal prescription drug operation is a new issue for the area. With the nationwide prescription drug epidemic affecting more young adults and teens than ever before, it’s possible that drug dealers are targeting this area in Camden near Rutgers University to attract young college students who do not have to venture far from the campus to find prescription drugs. Many teens and young adults start experimenting with prescription drugs that they find in their parents’ medicine cabinets or other easy access areas, and once they become addicted can spend hundreds of dollars per day to get high. There is a misconception among prescription drug users that the pills are safer than harder drugs than cocaine and heroin, but the reality is that opioids such as Oxycodone have a chemical makeup that is nearly identical to heroin. Unfortunately, many prescription users turn to the more notorious cousin eventually because heroin is less expensive and easier to maintain a habit.

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