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Risk Factors for Drug Addiction Identified

Most people have heard the term “addictive personality” in reference to a person’s likelihood of becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol or any other vice. The term is thrown around without much thought to what actually constitutes an addictive personality or why some people seem more prone to addiction than others. Dr. John Tanner and Dr. Jay Pomm, two addiction experts in Jacksonville, Florida, addressed this issue and specifically indicated five factors that raise the risk of addiction to prescription drugs.

If one or more individuals in your immediate family – including a mother, father, sister or brother – is addicted or has been addicted in the past to drugs or alcohol, you are more likely to become addicted to prescription pills. In addition, if one of these family members suffers from a behavioral disorder such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, the risks increase. If you currently smoke marijuana multiple times per week or struggle with a sex or food addiction, it is more likely that you will become addicted to prescription drugs. Lastly, child abuse of any kind raises the likelihood of an addiction in adolescence or adulthood. Those with higher risk factors could potentially become addicted to prescription drugs within a few weeks. If you believe risks are higher in your household, take care to keep prescribed medications secured and get help at the first sign of a problem.

If you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, or know someone who does, you should seek treatment right away for yourself or your loved one. Retreat at Lancaster County strives to provide the highest quality substance abuse treatment on the East Coast. Those suffering from drug or alcohol abuse may not have the coping mechanisms needed to heal, making it very difficult to stay sober without professional support. The staff at Retreat at Lancaster County is committed to the full cycle of recovery, including the necessary ongoing emotional and mental support to prevent relapse. Contact Retreat at Lancaster County today with questions or concerns about drug addiction, alcoholism or treatment.

To begin your drug or alcohol addiction rehab treatment and recovery at Retreat now, please call us for more information or immediate travel arrangements to our Lancaster, PA location or from surrounding areas in DE, MD, DC, NJ, NY, and other parts of Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

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