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Heroin Epidemic in NJ-Drug Dealer Guilty in Overdose

Heroin Epidemic in NJ-Drug Dealer Guilty in Overdose

Have you ever experimented with heroin? Do you ever buy heroin or other drugs from shady drug dealers? Have you ever thought that any drug habits you might have could put you in serious danger? Do you realize using heroin means you” need drug rehabilitation services to help you get clean? Heroin is a very dangerous drug, one that can kill. Lots of people are risking their lives every time they shoot up. There's been a tragic example of the danger of heroin in New Jersey, where a man overdosed and died. Now, his drug dealers has pled guilty to charges of manslaughter.

The 33-year-old drug dealer is facing 8 years in prison after selling heroin to another man. Under the terms of Ocean County, New Jersey's liability laws, the drug dealer is legally responsible for the death. And though heroin use in Ocean County has hit epidemic levels, law enforcement is fighting back. "Staunton's guilty plea is only the beginning," said Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato in a statement. "There's still a lot of work to be done to stem the tide of overdose deaths in Ocean County. What's significant is we've now sent a strong message to dealers, that we're coming for you.

Do you struggle with how good it feel to take heroin? Do you only feel like yourself after you shoot up? DO you take other illegal drugs, like meth, PCP, marijuana, ecstasy, or Molly-or prescription medications such as prescription painkillers like OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin? Don't end up as another news story of the tragic consequences of drugs. It's time to seek help today. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to learn more about the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center New Jersey relies on to get clean. Our location in central Pennsylvania makes accessibly easy if you’re interested in our inpatient rehab center. New Jersey is fighting back against drug abuse, you can fight back against your addiction issues. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to help you recover your life. We can arrange transportation from OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, and CT.

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