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Drug-Sniffing Dogs Comb Through NJ High School

Teenage Drug Abuse Concerns Spur Drug Sweep of NJ High School

Do you ever wonder about high school students and drugs? Are you afraid to find out what the actual drug usage rate is during the high school years? Do you ever worry about your own children, and how they might be exposed to drugs? Where do you think they distribute the drugs? Do you wonder what sort of teen drug addiction services are available? The teenage years are a time that many people begin experimenting with drugs. And some of those people end up becoming addicted, sometimes for years or the rest of their lives. And the place where drugs are bought and sold is usually the school. That's why New Jersey recently had drug sniffing dogs patrol Lacey Township High School after there were increased overdoses in Ocean County.

"The dogs are trained to sniff the openings of the lockers and if they get an odor of narcotics coming from lockers they give what we call a positive indication," said James Reilly, who is an officer at the Toms River Police Department. And though some students have protested for privacy concerns, many parents are behind the drug sweep, especially after the recent increase in overdose deaths. "I think the numbers are way too high and I have a teenager at the high school and couple more coming up and I absolutely like to see this," said Amy Labombard, parent to a high-schooler.

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