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Avoid Mentioning Past Drug Use When Talking to Kids

Referencing drug use can increase likelihood of use

Do you have kids? Are you ever worried about them? Do you ever think that maybe they'll develop drug habits? Did you take drugs when you were younger? Do you ever think that you can't tell your kids to stay away from drugs because you used them? Lots of parents have trouble talking to their kids about drugs. It can be even more complicated when the parents have a history of drug usage. But a new study has found that it's actually a bad idea to tell your kids about any experiences you've had with drugs in the past. The study showed that kids were less likely to think that drugs are bad if their parents had openly told them about their own past usage of drugs. This increases the likelihood of teen drug addiction.

However, the study's lead author made a point to say "We are not recommending that parents lie to their early adolescent children about their own past drug use." Rather, "we are suggesting that parents should focus on talking to their kids about the negative consequences of drug use, how to avoid offers, family rules against use, that they disapprove of use, and others who have gotten in trouble from using." It's also worth pointing out that it's never too late to turn a life around, and good treatment can help rescue someone from drug addiction.

If you have a problem with drug abuse or know someone who does, you should seek help now for yourself or your loved one. But the good news is there's always hope. When it comes to teen drug addiction, Pennsylvania has the help you need. The right program of treatment can help you get clean and reclaim your life from drug addiction. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to learn more about the drug addiction rehabilitation Pennsylvania has known to provide solutions for years. We're close to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and within easy driving distance of OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, and DE.

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