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Alcohol Blamed for Sauna Deaths in Germany

Alcohol Blamed for Sauna Deaths in Germany

Do you like to have a good time? Do you tend to drink at parties? Do you ever end up doing things that you look back on later with embarrassment or regret? Did you ever think you might need an alcohol detox? Most people don't think about how alcohol can be deadly, even in non-lethal doses. But it still can kill. This was proved recently in Germany, where three men apparently died after drinking at a Christmas party and passing out in a sauna.

The three men, all middle-aged, had been drinking heavily together before going to a sauna in a home that belonged to one of them. There, they apparently passed out from the alcohol. They later died of heart failure, probably due to the heat and the drinking.

Winter can be a very dangerous time to drink. Besides incidents like this, it can be tempting to drink alcohol to feel warm. But it actually works the opposite way. Lisa Koehler, a nurse who works in Wisconsin, said "Drinking alcohol gives you a misconception that you’re warm when you actually aren't." Alcohol dilates the blood vessels that lie near to the skin on the human body, it draws blood away from the body core. And the illusion of warmth can actually be deadly.

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