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47 Charged in Camden NJ Drug Ring

47 Charged in Camden NJ Drug Ring

Have you ever used illegal drugs like meth, cocaine, marijuana, PCP, Molly, ecstasy, or heroin? Have you ever missed prescription drugs and bought them from a shady source, especially prescription painkillers like OxyContin, Percocet, or Vicodin? Do you know where you can score drugs in your town? Most towns in America have their own drug rings that operate under the radar to deliver and distribute drugs to customers-and often these drug rings are violent and criminal organizations. You never know what kinds of activity you support when you buy drugs from drug dealers. Some drug rings even support terrorist activity through funding! And so it's good to think about exactly where your drugs come from and consider drug and alcohol rehab services. New Jersey, recently charged 47 members of a drug rung after a large police action.

The Attorney General's office announced that it was a major takedown of a drug ring that had been operation out of northern Camden, New Jersey, just across the river from Philadelphia. The drug ring apparently had ties to extremely violent drug cartels that plague northern Mexico. The drug ring that was busted was a major mover of cocaine and heroin in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas. Authorites targeted one specific family, saying "this multi-million dollar narcotics syndicate headed by members of the Urbina family allegedly has operated in North Camden for many years, pushing its poison to countless young users and ruling its turf with intimidation and violence."

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