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Ritalin Abuse Can Cause Severe Health Problems

Ritalin Abuse Can Cause Severe Health Problems

Though Ritalin is an actual therapeutic drug that can help those who suffer from ADHD and ADD, usage without a doctor's supervision can be extremely harmful and lead to all kinds of health problems. Though some people may think of it as a harmless drug ("they give it to kids, right?"), Ritalin actually has a similar effect on the nervous system as cocaine does. But using it recreationally, to get high, can actually have severe health impacts, including ones that are not well understood.

Ritalin is often taken by ravers and other people who want uppers to keep the party going. In that way, it's used and abused similarly to Adderall. And yes, Ritalin is often prescribed to children suffering from ADHD and adults suffering from narcolepsy (among other disorders). But that prescription is under the supervision of a doctor who has expertise with that medication. Like with any prescription pill, taking Ritalin without your doctor telling you to is dangerous and potentially life-threatening. And compounding this is the fact that Ritalin's long-term effects on human beings are not well understood. Data suggests it may be linked with hallucinations, anxiety, drug dependence, paranoia, schizophrenia, aggression, and other psychotic disorders.

Ritalin abuse is dangerous and could potentially have life-threatening complications that can't even be predicted. Studies suggest that Ritalin is especially dangerous when combined with other drugs, which can cause deadly overdoses. If you or someone you know is using Ritalin, now is the best time to stop. Call Retreat at Lancaster County. We can help you understand Ritalin's effects on your body, how addiction works, and help you start program to quit using it. We can arrange transportation from anywhere in PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, and major cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

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