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Relapse Prevention is a Lifelong Battle

Alcohol addiction is very difficult to overcome and returning to your normal life after addiction recovery can be filled with pitfalls. Though the best way to keep temptations at bay is to avoid situations that trigger cravings, sometimes you will find yourself in a difficult scenario. Relapse prevention education is critical in making sure that you remain alcohol-free and do not give into pressures and temptations around you. Going to social gatherings be can be overwhelming if you are battling with substance abuse but you can manage your addiction and avoid relapse by following these tips.


If you are unsure about the presence of non-alcoholic drinks at a party or gathering, you should bring some of your own. This will ensure that you have available beverages that are safe for you to drink, and will minimize the temptation to grab a beer. If the social gathering has an open bar, stay clear of this area and don't tempt yourself by hanging out near the bar. Always remain at a safe distance.


Don't worry about explaining your alcohol addiction to those around you. Politely decline any alcoholic beverages that are offered and don't become worried. Most individuals at the party won't even realize that you aren't drinking. If temptation begins to take over, simply leave the party and remove yourself from the situation. Your sobriety is much more important than any party or social gathering.


No matter the scenario, don't drink any alcohol. Relapse should never be an option and you should make every effort to limit your temptation. If you are new to sober living, you should go to social gatherings late and leave early, because this will limit your exposure to alcohol and ensure that you stay on track. Take someone with you that is aware of your alcohol addiction and will help you remain sober. This will give you support and allow you to be more confident in your sobriety.


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