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How Alcohol Makes You Sleep Worse

How Alcohol Makes You Sleep Worse


Many people might not realize that alcohol might be making them sleep badly. It's widely believed that alcohol makes people sleep-some people even take a "nightcap" before bed. The truth is, though, that while it's not a well-known fact, alcohol can severely disrupt the human sleep cycle, and contribute to the chronic fatigue that costs the American economy billions each year.

Though it is true that moderate alcohol usage could possibly have some positive health benefits, a recent study has shown that even a small amount of alcohol can impact a person's sleep. The study found that, among college students the night before an exam, both groups that drank alcohol found that it impacted their performance. For the group that drank a small amount, they reported much less sleep. And for the group that drank a large amount, they reported sleeping the same amount as usual but feeling very tired the next day.

When sleeplessness has been linked to high blood pressure, depression, dehydration, and increased risk of accidents, among other serious problems, it doesn't pay to mess with your sleep. Fatigue is the leading cause of absenteeism from work and school, costing the American economy untold dollars in lost productivity-up to $101 billion's worth (according to some estimates). And that doesn't even count the personal cost to relationships, happiness, and family.

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