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Drug Addicts Turned Away From Rehabilitation Centers

Drug rehab facilities and rehab centers are meant to supply drug rehabilitation treatment to individuals that are struggling with drug addiction. Some of these drug treatment centers offer free care for individuals that can't afford costly drug rehabilitation treatment. For many years these programs have helped countless individuals overcome their drug addiction and return to drug-free lives. However, due to cutbacks in government funding, many of these addiction recovery programs are being forced to turn individuals away. For some drug addicts, this is their only hope for treatment.

One man has received treatment for his drug addiction issues drug treatment centers that offer free care. Many of these treatment centers are known as halfway houses and treat a wide variety of addictions including alcohol, prescription drugs and cocaine. The man began receiving treatment at these alternative rehab centers after he lost his home to foreclosure and developed an alcohol addiction. Typical detox visits for individuals that take advantage of state funded rehab centers cost the state at least $1,600 per person. This cost must now be minimized due to the lack of federal funding that all state programs will now receive.

Most states already have a limited amount of drug rehab facilities that offer state funded long-term treatment, but soon many of these rehab centers will be forced to close or treat very few patients. This minimization in drug rehab centers will result in increased emergency room visits for drug addicts. Even in recent months, hospitals have already seen a rise in patients that require substance abuse care, because they have been turned away from state funded facilities. This results in many drug addicts being released from the hospital without being admitted into a long-term rehab center.

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