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Age and Alcohol Addiction-Learn the Facts

Age and Alcohol Addiction-Learn the Facts

There seems to be a mindset that many young people have that alcoholism is something that happens to older people, to sad middle-aged drunks and bored housewives. Many young people approach a partying lifestyle with the belief that they're invincible, or that they could never develop a dependence on alcohol or other substances. And there's all kinds of misinformation out there, including claims that young people can handle booze better than old people. However, the real truth is that there is no minimum age for alcohol addiction-and young people are just at risk for alcoholism as anyone else.

In fact, young people are often even more at-risk than older people. There has been a trend in recent years for younger and younger people to begin experimenting with booze, with the result that alcohol has sometimes acted as a "gateway drug" for youths to begin using harder substances. And this is combined with another recent trend, which is for drinkers (especially younger drinkers) to mix alcohol with other substances, such as illegal drugs. No matter your age, you should know that alcohol is not something to play around with.

The main danger is that the younger someone is when they begin drinking, the more likely they are to develop a long-term dependence on it. That means that not only can young people become alcoholics, they're actually more likely to. And it's difficult or sometimes impossible for people to stop drinking on their own-which is why choosing the right program of treatment is so important. If you think you might have a problem with abusing alcohol, get help now before irreversible damage is caused.

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