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10% of Americans Have Taken Drugs Prescribed for Someone Else

10% of Americans Have Taken Drugs Prescribed for Someone Else

According to a recent Reuters poll, one out of every ten Americans has admitted to using prescription drugs that were prescribed for somebody else. Of this 10%, one quarter of these people said they used the drugs to get high. And this data is consistent with government numbers, too: according to a survey conducted by the US government, prescription pill abuse is the second most abused category of drugs in this country. That means RX misuse is second only to illegal marijuana use. Pharmaceutical drug abuse has truly reached epidemic levels.

According to IMS, a medical research firm, pharmacies in the United States fulfilled more than 4 billion prescriptions in 2012. With a population of 316 million people, that's a lot of drugs to go around. About two thirds of the people polled said that they got the pills from a family member, friend, or acquaintance. And though some people might assume that prescription pill are only misused recreationally, data suggests that at least some people are using other people's pills to save on skyrocketing healthcare costs.

However, the true dangers of RX drug misuse can be devastating. From overdoses, drug interaction, and unforeseen side effects, taking prescription pills without a doctor's advice can be dangerous or even deadly. Trained doctors and pharmacologists can prescribe drugs safely, but drugs found informally can be incredibly harmful. And the addiction rates are climbing for prescription drugs like Vicodin and Adderrall.

For people who are using drugs without a prescription, the best option to quit is to find the right help at the right facility. Get in touch with Retreat at Lancaster County today for more information or to arrange transportation from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and surrounding states including DE, NJ, MD, WV, OH and NY.

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