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"Bath Salts" Are More Addictive than Meth

"Bath Salts" Are More Addictive than Meth

"Bath Salts," the synthetic drug that was involved in recent so-called "zombie" attacks involving cannibalism, are actually more potent and addictive even than methamphetamine, a new study has found. The study was published in the latest issue of Neuropharmacology, and was performed on rats who were given high doses of bath salts. The rats were given a dose of bath salts when they pressed a lever-and they would press that lever up to 900 times. That's four times as many times as they would press for methamphetamine.

"This has a lot more power than methamphetamine does to reinforce behavior," Michael A. Taffe said, a psychologist at the La Jolla institute who specializes in addiction. In the rat groups, the bath salts induced violent and obsessive behavior, like licking and biting the insides of their cages. Researchers say this is consistent with the effects that bath salts have on humans. In humans, bath salts have been linked to a recent rash of "zombie" attacks, like the Florida man in 2011 who chewed a homeless man's face off after taking a large amount of bath salts.

Symptoms of bath salt use include elevated heart rate and blood pressure, psychotic behavior, agitation, loss of control and hallucination, anxiety, euphoria, and hyper-activity. Bath salts themselves are known as MDPV in medical literature, and are derived from a leaf called khat which is commonly chewed in the Horn of Africa. Though it may seem like that makes bath salts "natural," they are anything but. Bath salts are highly dangerous not only to the user, but also to anyone around them.

Bath salts and other drugs like meth are harmful and deadly to individuals and communities. Retreat at Lancaster County can help you understand the dangers of drugs and the best ways to stop using them. Our rehab facility is conveniently located to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and just a short drive away from anywhere in NJ, PA, NY, DE, and MD. Call today.

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